Application Instructions & Information


Click to see a picture step-by-step tutorial on Nails Magazine Website! Recommended Professional Application using Akzentz LUXIO  Soak Off Gel:

  1. Apply and cure your final coat of color, glitter, and/or design.
  2. Apply a layer of LUXIO Gloss to the design area, DO NOT cure. 
  3. Place crystals into the wet/uncured gel according to design image.
  4. For large designs and/or larger crystals, apply gel and place only the large stones first, then cure.
  5. Next, apply LUXIO Gloss to the entire nail surrounding the larger stones, capping the edges (NEVER apply gel over the entire crystal, this takes away from the shine and beauty of the facets) . Then apply the smaller stones, Cure.
  6. Use a small liner brush dipped into your Luxio Gloss and run between and around the stones, capping the edges once more. Cure.
  7. Cleanse the nail of the tacky/inhibition layer using Akzentz Prep & Wipe.

Crystal Nail Design Free Step-by-Step Video Tutorial


*To apply Crystals, you may use a small bead of beeswax attached to the end of a toothpick or cuticle stick. Beeswax will leave a minimal amount of residue, or even prevent residue on the surface of the stone. We prefer using a Crystal Katana, the perfect tool for any crystal enthusiast!

Application using nail glue and a High Gloss Nail Enamel:

  1. Apply a small amount of nail glue to the nail, starting in the center of the design. 
  2. Place crystals onto the wet glue 1-2 at a time according to the design image.
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until the design is finished. 
  4. Smaller stones(SS3 & SS5 can be placed into the wet layer of Gloss Nail Enamel.
  5. Next, apply Gloss Nail Enamel to the entire nail surrounding the stones, capping the edges (NEVER apply polish over the entire crystal, this takes away from the shine and beauty of the facets)
  6. For better adhesion, use a small liner brush dipped into your Gloss Nail Enamel and run between and around the stones, capping the edges once more. Allow to dry.



Swarovski Crystals may be soaked off and saved for anohter use!


Removal of the Crystals:

  1. Place a cotton ball soaked in acetone/soak-off solution over the Swarovski crystals.
  2. Wrap the fingertip with a small piece of aluminum foil.
  3. Allow 8-10 minutes for the solvent to penetrate and soften the LUXIO Soak Off Gel.
  4. Using a tweezer or pusher, gently remove the crystals.

*Clients may keep the crystals that have been removed for another use. Also, you may suggest they soak them off at home if possible, to save time during removal. You may choose to charge a removal fee, however I find it does not take much time if you wrap the two design nails and let them soak while you prep the remaining nails. If there are crystals applied to every nail, you will need to book an extra 15-20 minutes and charge accordinly for you time.

Here are some of the many benefits of using LUXIO Gloss, or any Soak Off Gel finish vs. Nail Enamel & Glue:

  • MUCH Better Adhesion for every day wear and tear.
  • Gel is less porous, withstanding exposure to chemicals & water.
  • Gel is a thicker viscosity than enamel, which helps to seal in the edges of the stones preventing them from snagging in hair/clothes etc.   (this may also be why the other SOG's that I used did not hold up as well)
  • Gel will not damage the foil backing on the crystals - allowing your customers to keep/save them for another design in the future - so they get their moneys worth!!!  Whereas the glue will cause damage to the foil backing during removal.
  • Soaking in Acetone based solution will loosen/soften the gel, with leaving a sticky residue on the crystals, so they can be re-applied.
  • *SEE BELOW LEFT IMAGE....Nails after one week - The nail on the left was applied using Luxio Gloss Soak Off Gel, The nail on the right was applied using nail glue and nail enamel( you can see many missing stones). Swarovski crystals will last up to 4-6 weeks if applied properly with *Luxio Gloss! I am not familiar with every SOG on the market, however i did try application with 3 other popular brands available and the Luxio held up much better than any I have ever used. 
  • *SEE BELOW MIDDLE  IMAGE .... A returning brides nails with a full set of Swarovski Crystal tips after TWO 1/2 weeks of wear - not a single stone missing!
  • *SEE BELOW RIGHT IMAGE ....She loved them so much we decided to leave the crystals on the tips, and I prepped & filled in her cuticle area and nailbed up to the crystals, allowing her to keep the design another 3 weeks!! (notice also me holding her finger while I  gorgeous my Swarovski nails look after 2 weeks!!)


1.  LEFT- Gel /  RIGHT- Glue/Enamel    2. Crystal Design Nails 15 days old    3. Fill the re-growth & save the design. 


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