February 11, 2014 @ 2:07 PM

Our Crystal Culture Stylist Vision... A World Wide Team of Nail Design Experts! 

   As you all know, I've recently become a Create Your Style Ambassador for Swarovski Elements(tm). Up until now, I've mainly worked as a Nail Manufacturers Educator, but during the time that I was teaching with the High Road To Education I realized what a great idea it was to run non-product specific classes. With so many products out there, it's hard for techs to invest $$$ in multiple product lines and classes with so many different companies. It can be very daunting and scary for techs to step outside of their comfort zone, yet at the same time if they do not venture out & learn from others they are potentially limiting their growth potential.
   Swarovski is such a well known, world-wide company and it does not pose a conflict of interest for most Nail Manufacturers. By keeping our education team "Non-Nail-Product-Specific" we are hoping to reach out to ALL Nail Techs and Companies to come together to network, learn & share basic techniques which can be applied to any medium. 

   All selected Crystal Culture Stylists will be trained to conduct classes incorporating Swarovski Elements - Create Your Style Designs with all Nail mediums - Polish, Gel Polish, Acrylic & Gel Enhancements and other Do It Yourself Applications as well as retail and marketing strategies. We will have a class calendar here  on our website to help promote our Stylists scheduled classes. We'll also create private group FB page for all of our certified stylists to network with one another, and a public page for Nail techs & the general public. 

  We are seeking Professional, Ethical and Passionate Nail Artists with a love for sharing and teaching. To be selected you must meet the following criteria:

• Highly Skilled
• Demonstrate a Passion for Our Industry
• Professional Ethics and Morals
• Professional Personal Presentation
• Personality
• Team Player
So far, we have gotten applications from some amazingly talented & passionate artists! I'm sooo excited for our first event in June!
If you are inetrested and have not yet applied, please contact me at gina@gelessentialz.com !