August 27, 2013 @ 9:58 PM

Hi Guys! Brandon & I  just got home from the Nail Tech Event in the Smoky Mountains & WHAT AN EXPERIENCE IT WAS!!!! We decided to make it a Road Trip, and boy was it ever! 17 hours driving.... Brandon did most of the driving but I did take the wheel for 3 HOURS (very proud of myself lol). We were very fortunate that our drive to & from was smooth sailing all the way, no bad weather, traffic, breakdowns, flat tires or tickets! WHEW...

- Our first stop was Nashville, I'd been there once before for a HRTE Class and i knew I definitely wanted to return when I could spend a day or two & really explore the area. We stayed at the Gaylord Opreyland Hotel for two nights, it is more like a resort than a hotel, with gorgeous gardens, waterfalls, a river with a boat ride, and many shops & restaurants. We got in some MUCH NEEDED R&R for the first time since we started our Crystal business a few months back  :) Nashville was gorgeous, friendly people, great shopping, and excellent food! 

-Next, after a quick lunch stop at Chick Fil A, we headed for Gatlinburg. The drive through the Smokies is absolutely breathtaking. We rolled into Pigeon Forge just in time to get a seat at the 6pm Dixie stampede, excellent dinner & a great show. Then we headed to our final destination, Gatlinburg... what a great place to visit! The scenery is amazing, plenty to see and do for everyone. One of our favorite things was the free moonshine tasting! 

We attended the Nail Talk Radio party on Saturday night & what a great time it was! We got to see lots of old friends and meet many many new ones. The Nail Talk Radio team was as always entertaining and informative & they put on a great party! I'm so proud to be a part of such a wonderful industry that thrives on education & networking. 

Of course the main reason we decided to go to Tennessee was to have a booth at the Nail Tech event & share all of our gorgeous crystals, designs and techniques with all of the Nail Techs in the southeast area. A big shout out to Jill Wright who has been organizing this event for over 6 years now & what a great job she does! A Nails only event  in the mountains with over 40 educators & over 200 nail techs, classes, prizes, samples & more. It is a huge task and I cannot commend her enough on how well organized it was, down to every little detail.


We were so busy all day! I crystallized so many nails I couldn't even keep track & poor Brandon didn't stop once, the Swarovski were literally flying off the rack! One of the favorite items we had was the Crystal Katana! The nail techs LOVED it & i was happy to share with them such an awesome tool that makes our job sooo much easier. Our design kits were also a big hit and I hope it generates a lot of business & profit for our customers & takes some of the guess work out of service pricing. 

It was a successful weekend for sure, and most enjoyable! Our ride home was just as breathtaking as the ride down. We really took in all the sights and we are so happy that we decided to make the trip. It's hard to imagine that such beauty exists so close to us, and we are always longing to visit tropical foreign places when we have paradise right here in our own backyard!