About Us

Directors of Crystal Culture


Viv Simmonds - Australia & Gina Silvestro - USA are proud to present Crystal Culture to the world of Nail Artists! 


We are thrilled to be working together, having met through the industry many years ago and developing a strong friendship and mutual respect for one another.  Both Multi Award Winning Nail Artists, Viv & Gina have been featured and have had their work featured in multiple trade magazines, created front covers for Nail Magazines and Trade Books and also featured on Television.


Viv & Gina are also proud to be the first 'Swarovski Ambassadors' in Australia & the USA respectively.   


Our aim when we developed this venture was to build a team of Stylists that can share their extensive experience, knowledge and skills with the Professional Nail Industry and assist artists in developing their businesses though introducing retail and creating designs that no woman can ignore!  We will focus on 'Salon Style' nail artistry to begin with so that we can walk Nail Artists through their troubleshooting in their everyday treatments on clients.  Our team will also assist and guide Nail Artists to help improve their businesses and show them ways to increase their profits and their clientele.


Our classes are non-product related and our Stylist come from various product backgrounds which is so exciting as we are bringing together a diverse range of ideas, concepts and techniques.  Please visit 'Our Team' pages to meet our Stylists.


We look forward to working with you.

Viv Simmonds & Gina Silvestro.