Monday, November 17, 2014

09:00 AM  
Bling It On, Oviedo Florida!

Linda Reyes

Ph:  321-663-7710 





BLING IT ON! Oviedo Florida!

Nail Design Class with Crystal Culture Stylist ~ Linda Reyes

Date/time: Nov 17, 9:00am - 5:30pm


Location : 44 Lawton Ave, Oviedo Fl,32765

Class Fee: $250 per person. 

2 or more $200 per person

$50 deposit is required to secure your spot in class with balance due before class. Deposits are non-refundable.


 Linda Ph:  321-663-7710 



FAQ ~ Why is a Course is needed to adhere crystals to enhancements? What makes Crystal Culture different?


Crystal Culture launched in 2014 under Directors Gina Silvestro and Viv Simmonds - Swarovski Ambassadors and international Award Winning Nail Artists - with the intent to nurture, mentor and assist Nail Artists in building their businesses by teaching retail skills and additional services to add to their treatment menus while also assisting them with troubleshooting and perfecting the salon style nails in various mediums. We have compiled many tips and tricks to create and apply genuine Swarovski crystal nail design. 

As with any service, each client has different nail characteristics & different lifestyles. No two situations are the same. We teach Nail techs how to consult with the client and choose the best application method for a lasting design. We teach many different methods of crystal design, placement, troubleshooting, removing crystals without damage, marketing & retail tips, pricing & scheduling. Each of our talented educators brings their own expertise/specialty to the table. Some specialize in gel, some acrylic, some One-Stroke painting, and even 3 D nail art, resulting in a non-product specific, Nail "technique" course incorporating crystal design that is certified, and supported and recognized by Swarovski. 

Our courses are designed to bring Nail Techs together to learn, teach and share beyond company lines, regardless of what product Brand they choose to use. Many techs have a preferred product line and tend to pass up classes from other companies educators because they do not want to feel pressured into investing or switching to a different product line. Our Stylists are trained to teach techniques that can be incorporated into salon style nails using any product line, so Nail techs can feel comfortable to step outside the box! 

Raising standards… Creating Style

Attendee's will receive a gorgeous Crystal Culture Certificate and Class Kit included.


Students are required to bring to class:

  • A desk lamptop illuminate your work area is important for this class
  • Your preferred Nail Product and tools to perform a polish, gel polish, gel nail and/or acrylic nail
  • UV or LED lamp and extension cord
  • Extra practice/display tips to keep your final product
  • A few colors so you have variety



For more information please contact Linda Ph:  321-663-7710 





1 - Crystal Samples for practice

1 - Crystal Culture Nail Design Student Kit:

  • 1 - SD-80 Aqua Shimmer
  • 1 - SD-81 Rose Gold
  • 1 - SD-82 Coral Stripe
  • 1 - SD-83 Pearl Brooch
  • 1 - SD-115 Crystal AB Fade
  • 1 - SD-120 Diamond Crystal
  • 1 - Crystal Rivoli Cluster Kit

1 - Salon Service Menu

1 - Crystal Katana application tool

1 - Crystal sorting tray

1 - Practice hook with adhesive for tips

5 - Practice tips

1 - Bling It On Class Syllabus & Folder

1 - Crystal Culture Step & Repeat Background

1 - Crystal Culture Swarovski Bling It On Class Certificate